Zoom Guitar Lessons, Zoom Guitar Teacher, Zoom Guitar Lesson; Remote Learning; Guitar Zoom; Zoom Learning;


Zoom Guitar Lessons, Zoom Guitar Teacher, Zoom Guitar Lesson; Distance Learning for Guitar; Remote Learning; Guitar Zoom; Zoom Learning;
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    Zoom Guitar lessons: Dan is also happy to offer lessons on the Zoom platform. Online lessons are scheduled Mon-Fri from 2PM-10PM. You may use your computer, tablet, or phone. Each lesson is 40 minutes long.

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    All County Guitar provides instruction in folk, rock, blues, country, and ethnic music - Zoom guitar lessons are safe and very effective!

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    During your first 2 Zoom guitar lessons, you will learn the basic guitar chords, and DURING THE 3RD ZOOM GUITAR LESSON YOU WILL BEGIN TO LEARN ONE OF YOUR 10 FAVORITE SONGS!

Remote Learning; Zoom Learning;

During zoom guitar lessons, in addition to learning songs, Dan can also teach you:

music_note note reading: how to read musical notes on a staff

This is very helpful not only for guitar, but, since many instruments employ the same system of notation as guitar, this skill could some day enable you to learn piano, flute, clarinet, or one of several other instruments.

music_note how to read and write guitar tablature ("tabs."):

This is a language of notation specific to guitar, which most players know how to use. Mastery of this system will allow you to download songs from the internet and be able to play them without any instruction.

music_note music theory:

Many people can play the guitar, but most guitarists aren't aware of the mathematical connections which make certain chords sound good together. That is why All County Guitar offers instruction in music theory as it relates to the songs you learn. You will understand why certain songs are written in particular keys, and why various chords and notes sound good together. A working knowledge of music theory can also prepare you for:

music_note lead guitar playing ("soloing"):

A working knowledge of music theory (keys, scales, etc.) can prepare you to be a good accompanist -- in other words, to play "lead guitar" and be the soloist in your band.

music_note songwriting:

Once you understand how chords and notes are combined to sound good together, you can write your own songs! Dan has helped many of his students to write their own songs, and many of his former students are now recording alone or with bands.

music_note ear training:

One of the skills which Dan uses a great deal in his teaching is the ability to play a song on the basis of hearing a recording of it. And, once you gain a working knowledge of music theory, you, too, can learn to play the songs you hear on CD's and your computer -- without waiting for anyone to teach them to you!

Dan has been my guitar teacher for three years and I couldn't have been happier with my choice. Over this time I have learned over fifty songs including the vocals. Dan exerts no pressure and allows me to proceed at my own pace creating short cuts for difficult chords when necessary particularly during the first year. He has an uncanny ability to orchestrate song videos into easy to understand chords, strum and pic sequences.

Dan and I have become good friends - he even played at my daughter's wedding!

Bob D.
Scarsdale, NY
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