guitar lessons over the Internet; trusted by hundreds of students; reviews;Trusted guitar teacher; guitar lessons on your computer; references provided upon request;

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 guitar lessons over the Internet; references provided upon request; trusted by hundreds of students;Trusted guitar teacher; guitar lessons on your computer; reviews;
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    Since 1977, Dan has taught over 800 people in Westchester County and Riverdale -- chances are that someone in your town will be happy to speak to you about their pleasurable and successful learning experience with All County Guitar.

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    Dan encourages you to ask for references, and they are cheerfully provided. Whenever possible, Dan will arrange it so that you can speak with someone very close in age and musical taste to yourself or your child.

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    Please read the following reviews of Dan's teaching -- thanks!

 reviews; guitar lessons over the Internet; references provided upon request; trusted by hundreds of students; guitar lessons on your computer;Trusted guitar teacher;

As a lifelong music lover, I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. As I approached 50 and had become so caught up in the day to day, I never thought it would happen. Then one day, I went on the internet, found Dan, and called him up. From the get-go, he was easy to talk to and flexible. We have been jamming every week for over 2 years along with my dog Mabel crashing the party. I hear tunes coming out of my own guitar. A dream come true. I feel like I’m just hanging with a friend. Teachers, when they are good, make all the difference in the world.

Adam T.
Mamaroneck, NY

Ever since I could remember, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. For some reason, I was intimidated by the idea and never pursued it; that is,until I found Dan Blum and ALL COUNTY GUITAR at 38 years old. I’ve never looked back. Now, almost 5 years later, alongside what I believe to be the best in the business, I am playing songs I love with confidence. My lessons are so much fun and Dan has proven time after time that his system works. Again, the best in the industry and an even better friend.

Christian S.
Harrison, NY

We are so happy to have Dan back teaching our second son. Dan always goes above and beyond to share his knowledge and love for music. He treats his students like fellow musicians and meets them where they are in music appreciation and helps them grow.

Joy L.
Scarsdale, NY

Dan has been my guitar teacher for three years and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. Over this time I have learned over fifty songs including the vocals. Dan exerts no pressure and allows me to proceed at my own pace creating short cuts for difficult chords when necessary particularly during the first year. He has an uncanny ability to orchestrate song videos into easy to understand chords, strum and pic sequences.

Dan and I have become good friends…he even played at my daughter’s wedding!

Bob D.
Scarsdale, NY

Dan is a fantastic and passionate teacher. I have learned more (as a advanced beginner) in the past eight months than all the online and offline lessons I have previously taken. He knows his students and crafts his lessons around their ability and willingness. A great teacher.

Brian M.
White Plains, NY
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