references provided upon request;Trusted guitar teacher; trusted by hundreds of students; guitar lessons over the Internet; reviews; guitar lessons on your computer;

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 guitar lessons over the Internet;Trusted guitar teacher; reviews; trusted by hundreds of students; references provided upon request; guitar lessons on your computer;
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    Since 1977, Dan has taught over 800 people in Westchester County and Riverdale -- chances are that someone in your town will be happy to speak to you about their pleasurable and successful learning experience with All County Guitar.

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    Dan encourages you to ask for references, and they are cheerfully provided. Whenever possible, Dan will arrange it so that you can speak with someone very close in age and musical taste to yourself or your child.

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    Please read the following reviews of Dan's teaching -- thanks!

Trusted guitar teacher; trusted by hundreds of students; guitar lessons over the Internet; guitar lessons on your computer; references provided upon request; reviews;

Dan is a wonderful guitar teacher who works with his students on a one-on-one basis, and strives to make sure that they both understand what they’re playing and how to achieve it. I also like the fact that he lets the students choose which songs they want to learn, so they’re not playing songs that they have no interest in.

Chris B.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Dan is a patient and thoughtful instructor who truly cares about me reaching my fullest playing potential. He tailors our lessons around my abilities and helps me take the right steps to get to the next level.

Robert C.
Yonkers, NY

My son has been taking guitar lessons with Dan for the past two years. Not only is Dan an amazing musician, he is the kindest, most patient teacher, which is why my son's guitar lesson has become the highlight of his week! We look forward to many years of lessons.

Andrea G.
White Plains, NY

We have been inviting Dan into our home to teach my 12 and 10 year old children guitar for 5 years. Dan’s technique and theory for teaching young children is unique and effective. He will teach them to play and sing the songs they love. Dan is kind, patient and very reliable. It is great to see my children celebrate their love of music with Dan’s teaching and encouragement.

Maggie and Ryan K.
Irvington, NY

Dan has been my guitar teacher for three years and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. Over this time I have learned over fifty songs including the vocals. Dan exerts no pressure and allows me to proceed at my own pace creating short cuts for difficult chords when necessary particularly during the first year. He has an uncanny ability to orchestrate song videos into easy to understand chords, strum and pic sequences.

Dan and I have become good friends…he even played at my daughter’s wedding!

Bob D.
Scarsdale, NY
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